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Barak Tamayo
Barak Tamayo

Cibolo, TX

THINKING UP. GREAT IDEAS. I love God and creating logos. I like photography, doodling, sleeping, listening to and playing music, and food (especially BBQ).

advertising, brand identity, branding, conceptual thinking, design, logo, photography, typography, writing

  1. Tim Rountree logo branding attorney  law attorney icon design creative graphic logodesign logo identity brand icon monogram logotype
  2. Logo Lounge Book 12 logo designer negative space logo clever identity concept branding icon negative space logo design book 12 logolounge logo
  3. Alison Lange Marketing Approved Logo pattern logotype typeography clever logodesign keyhole key heart identity brand concept branding design icon logo
  4. ALM Unused Logo Concept 3 graphic vector identity logos communication marketing bee honeybee chat honeycomb concept logo design branding design branding brand logo
  5. ALM unused logo concept 2 vector concept identity pattern logodesign design branding concept logo branding marketing love heart
  6. ALM Logo Concept 1 unused identity branding design type letters icon logodesign concept logo marketing
  7. Texas Music identity logo illustration vector graphic mark song note icon flatdesign flag music texas
  8. PS5 my take monogram ps5 logotypes typedesign branding concept mark logotype type icon playstation branding
  9. Mission Meridian Logo clever graphic design hands and feet faith globe branding identity print brand logo christian christ meridian mission hands cross world
  10. Mission Meridian unused logo church christian cross compass identity design concept graphic logodesign branding direction windrose globe icon brand logo mm meridian mission
  11. Queue Barbecue Logo black and white logotype logodesign food bbq texas identity graphic brand concept design typogaphy branding
  12. Queue BBQ logo Unused food blackletter typography bbq texas identity graphic type brand concept branding icon design logo
  13. Jessica Dollar Logo 3 pleasure cheese smile accountant taxes money $ d j vector clever identity graphic type brand concept branding icon design logo
  14. Jessica Dollar Logo 2 gold print taxes accounting $ jd d j money monogram identity graphic brand concept branding icon design logo
  15. Jessica Dollar Logo 1 monogram dollar money accounting tax branding concept logo design branding logodesign logo jd d j
  16. School of Performing Arts logo simple minimal timeless logo mark logo design negativespace mountain trademark ribbon dancer mountains clever identity graphic brand concept branding design icon logo
  17. Look Hair Studio logo hair studio brand vector print logotype trademark shears scissors hair salon hair identity graphic type concept branding icon design logo
  18. Cones IT logo unused wrench fast software logo design icon vector clever identity design concept brand branding logodesign logo it c
  19. Food Safety logo unused logo design concept logo design brand design vector lock apple food clever identity graphic brand concept branding icon design logo
  20. Corn + Safety Pin logo yellow green logo design fresh corn safety pin safety farm vector illustration clever identity graphic branding brand concept design icon logo
  21. Global Food Safety Logo unused icon minimal fruit red globe global safety food apple logo design branding logo design vector identity graphic concept logo design branding
  22. That Texas Touch tshirt Design print tshirt design imprint mark fingerprint branding texan texas
  23. Flow Supplements logo fitness healthy concept clever branding design identity logotype icon logo design logodesign logo f flow branding
  24. Flow Supplements logo unused design clever concept healthy fitness supplements identity f f logo wave water icon logo design logodesign logo branding flow
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